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Little Bit

The Little Bit Foundation


THE ONE IN FIVE CHILDREN living in poverty in the St. Louis region are nearly five times as likely to drop out of school. The Little Bit Foundation seeks to end this needless cycle by breaking down barriers to learning, relieving everyday burdens and building up students’ self-worth. 


Founded on the belief that even a little bit of support could make a big difference, Little Bit has grown alongside the students it serves, becoming a reliable resource for 40,000 kids across 42 school communities. Its “Whole Child Model” addresses each individual child’s evolving physical, intellectual and emotional needs, from preschool to high school and beyond. 


This sincere invested interest spoke strongly to Meg and Richard and inspired them. Meg vividly remembers working at one of Little Bit’s school “boutiques” and watching a 10-year-old girl gleefully beaming and clicking her heels together like Dorothy as she tried on a new pair of rainbow shoes. Seeing how something so simple could bring so much joy prompted Meg to become even more involved. After multiple site visits and countless conversations with Little Bit CEO and co-founder Rosemary Hanley, Meg accepted the invitation to join its board of directors. 


This hands-on leadership role has enabled the Richard P. Riney Family Foundation to confidently confer unrestricted grants to the Little Bit Foundation so as to further the organization’s full array of enriching and empowering initiatives and agilely adapt to its evolving needs. 

“Collaborating with Little Bit has opened doors to schools that we could not serve on our own, and everything they do complements what we’re trying to accomplish, which is overall health.”


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