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About the Foundation

Our Mission

make a difference.

We realize and appreciate our ability to create change in the world around us. Our philanthropic decisions consider the potential impact of our grants and their alignment with our giving priorities.


Our Values

We actively engage with our grant recipients in hopes of developing enduring and collaborative relationships.

We strive to be informed on issues, processes and dynamics in order to make the best decisions possible.

We carefully consider immediate and long-term funding opportunities so as to make the most significant impact possible.

Our Giving Priorities



Strong physical and mental health directly benefits vulnerable communities. Our grants focus on raising awareness and providing a wide array of resources not only to patients, but also to their families.



Education is a core building block in creating strong communities. We recognize the importance of education and learning and are focused on providing opportunities to at-risk children and families.



Animals better our world and brighten our days. As humans, it is our moral obligation to care for them in ways that acknowledge their inherent dignity and reciprocate the joy they give us. 


the arts

Experiencing the arts can be transformational. Our grants are designed to support and enhance the beauty and creativity that can stem from art.

Richard Riney

Our Founders

our impact

Discover how we make a difference.

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